Moirai  "FRAMED: The Alice Wheeldon Story", at the Old King's Head Belper, 15th May 2020


Tickets are £10 and are available at the Old King's Head and also online through the link below: 

Unfortunately this venue in not accessible to persons in wheelchairs

Doors at 8pm

"Framed: The Alice Wheeldon Story" is a new folk music and song show written and performed by local Derby trio Moirai (Jo Freya, Sarah Matthews and Mel Biggs).

Join us and discover this 100 year old tale of fake news, family values and activism which is oh so relevant in today's turbulent modern world.

Alice’s Story

Alice, well known & respected in Derby, was a feisty, principled working woman. As free thinkers, Alice & her family supported women’s suffrage & emancipation, rational dress & mixed bathing, social justice & were opposed to war.

In 1916 as terrible news of the disastrous First World War emerged, MI5 became concerned about the growing anti-war movement & opposition to conscription. Undercover agents invented the story that Alice Wheeldon & her family plotted to poison Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

The Wheeldon & Mason families were convicted of conspiracy to murder. They were tried at the Old Bailey in London in a blaze of publicity. They were found guilty & sentenced to prison.

Alice's story is not yet concluded...

Chloë Mason, Alice’s Great Granddaughter, is in the process of applying to the Criminal Cases Review Commission to get the convictions against Alice and her family quashed. The main thrust of the application concerns the absence of and official silence regarding William Rickard, the undercover agent known as ‘Alex Gordon’.

He was not called or made available at trial, having been kept away and sent to South Africa. Furthermore, he was a man of mental instability and serious criminal history. Those facts were never disclosed to the defence.

The application to the CCRC will contend that his absence was deliberately contrived, to prevent the Defendants from properly developing their explanation regarding the poison; and that his history was knowingly concealed, to prevent his character, or the credibility of his superior and the key prosecution witness, being properly scrutinised.



The Old King's Head

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