95. 13th January, 2018


In this, the first show of 2018 we have tunes from Project Smok, Tony Mac Mahon, Brenda Castles, Fergal Scahill, Stephen Doherty, David Doocey & Gerry O'Connor. A brace from Adam Sutherland The Jeremiahs, Matt Tighe, Laoise Kelly & Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn, Liz Carroll, John McSherry & Michael McGoldrick, Gillian Frame, Gordon Duncan, Crossharbour and Fred Morrison.

We have a wedding celebration with Roddy & Kate from Zetor in the Kailyard, featuring a track from themselves and Martyn Bennett.

You’ll also hear songs from Ré, Rachel Newton, Liam Ó Maonlaí, John Otway, Josh Ritter, The Felice Brothers, Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns, The Bonny Men, DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show, Kila, The Heptones, Henry Parker, Damien O'Kane, Sarah McQuaid, White Rooks, Ulaid and Duke Special, Lauren MacColl, Linda Thompson and Eddie Vedder with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

We finish with Iain Copeland and “The Traveller”.


Andy (&Bob)


Track:    Empty Pod

Artist:    Project Smok

Album: Horizons

Year:      2017


Track:    As I Roved Out

Artist:    Ré

Album: Ré

Year:      2014


Track:    Here's My Heart Come Take It

Artist:    Rachel Newton

Album: Here's My Heart Come Take It

Year:      2016


Track:    Careless Love

Artist:    Zetor in the Kailyard

Album: Collateral

Year:      2017


Track:    Wedding

Artist:    Martyn Bennett

Album: Grit

Year:      2003


Track:    Mackays Memoirs Dolphin Boy Remix

Artist:    Martyn Bennett

Album: Mackays Memoirs

Year:      2015


Track:    Seán Ó Duibhir a' Ghleanna

Artist:    Tony Mac Mahon

Album: Farewell to Music

Year:      2016


Track:    Siobhan Ni Dhuibhir

Artist:    Liam Ó Maonlaí

Album: To Be Touched

Year:      2008


Track:    Reels: Fox On The Prowl/House Of Hamill/Kilty Town

Artist:    Brenda Castles

Album: Indeedin You Needn't Bother

Year:      2016


Track:    Middle Of Winter

Artist:    John Otway

Album: 0

Year:      1983


Track:    Stephen Doherty & David Doocey - Palmers Gate, Edenderry, Stoney Steps

Artist:    Fergal Scahill, Stephen Doherty, David Doocey

Album: A Tune a Day for Pieta House

Year:      2017


Track:    Thorb the robot / Rosie Shand of Grantown

Artist:    Adam Sutherland

Album: Squall

Year:      2013


Track:    Sleeping on the Job

Artist:    Adam Sutherland

Album: Some Other Land

Year:      2017


Track:    Summer Night

Artist:    The Jeremiahs

Album: The Femme Fatale Of Maine

Year:      2017


Track:    Kathleen

Artist:    Josh Ritter

Album: Hello Starling

Year:      2005


Track:    Meantime

Artist:    Matt Tighe

Album: Matt Tighe

Year:      2017


Track:    The Gathering Storm

Artist:    Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns

Album: Blossom & Fruit

Year:      2017


Track:    Lacey's Jig / Michael O'Dwyer's

Artist:    John McSherry & Michael McGoldrick

Album: At First Light

Year:      2002


Track:    An Pótaire

Artist:    The Bonny Men

Album: Moyne Road

Year:      2015


Track:    Lady Day

Artist:    The Felice Brothers

Album: Tonight At The Arizona

Year:      2007



Artist:    DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show

Album: Sons & Lovers

Year:      2015


Track:    Tóg É Go Bóg É

Artist:    Kila

Album: Tóg É Go Bóg É

Year:      1997


Track:    Slip Jig & Double Jigs: Paddy Hiúdaí Byrne's, Darby Gallagher's, Con Cassidy's

Artist:    Laoise Kelly & Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn

Album: Ar Lorg Na Laochra / On The Shoulders Of Giants

Year:      2017


Track:    Pendulum/Grace's

Artist:    Gillian Frame

Album: Pendulum

Year:      2016


Track:    Country Boy

Artist:    The Heptones

Album: Cool Rasta


Track:    Ratcliff Highway

Artist:    Henry Parker

Album: Drive East/ Ratcliff Highway (Cassette Single)

Year:      2017


Track:    All Among the Barley

Artist:    Damien O'Kane

Album: Avenging and Bright

Year:      2017


Track:    If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

Artist:    Sarah McQuaid

Album: If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

Year:      2016


Track:    Tell Me Who

Artist:    White Rooks

Album: I See Fairises

Year:      2018


Track:    Gerry O'Connor - The Trip to Killavill, Scotsman Over the Border

Artist:    Fergal Scahill, Gerry O'Connor

Album: A Tune a Day for Pieta House

Year:      2017


Track:    Lon Dubh Loch Lao

Artist:    Ulaid and Duke Special

Album: A Note Let Go

Year:      2017


Track:    Tàladh Choinnich Odhar (Coinneach Odhar’s Lullaby)

Artist:    Lauren MacColl

Album: The Seer

Year:      2017


Track:    Katy Cruel

Artist:    Linda Thompson

Album: Versatile Heart

Year:      2007


Track:    Sevens / Michael Kennedy's / The Cup of Tea

Artist:    Liz Carroll

Album: Lost In the Loop

Year:      2000


Track:    The High Drive

Artist:    Gordon Duncan

Album: The Circular Breath

Year:      1997


Track:    The Higher Drive

Artist:    Crossharbour

Album: Crossharbour

Year:      2014


Track:    Hard Drive

Artist:    Fred Morrison

Album: Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2011

Year:      2011


Track:    The Long Road

Artist:    Eddie Vedder

Album: Dead Man Walking (Music from and Inspired By the Motion Picture)

Year:      1996


Track:    The Traveller

Artist:    Iain Copeland

Album: A Northerly Land

Year:      2013