94. 23rd december, 2017 (part Two)



Hi Folks and welcome to part two of the Black Dog Radio review of the year, we carry on with more of our favourite tracks from another brilliant year of music.

We open with Elephant Sessions and then you’ll hear great tracks from Eilis Crean, Doichead, The Jeremiahs, The East Pointers, Zetor in the Kailyard, Aizle, Martin Simpson, Chris Wood, Cua, The Recollective, Damien O'Kane, Dan Walsh, McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle, Ushers Island, Ross Couper & Tom Oakes, The Routes Quartet, Ulaid and Duke Special and Journey North.

We finish our review of 2017 with the album “Sanctuary” from Ross Ainslie, our album of the year, “Mac Ìle - The Music Of Fraser Shaw” from the Islay Sessioners was our pick of the year until we heard this incredible album from Ross, go get it, it’s ridiculously good!

Thanks again to the artists for all the fine music released this year and many thanks to Ross Ainslie for his truly special album.


Andy (&Bob)





 Track:    Lament for Lost Dignity

Artist:    Elephant Sessions

Album: All We Have Is Now

Year:      2016


Track:    Dawn on The Strand/ Eddie Kelly’s Jig No. 1 / Pull the Knife and Stick it Again

Artist:    Eilis Crean

Album: Bitter Sweet

Year:      2017


Track:    Frahers/The Mug of Brown Ale/The Legacy

Artist:    Droichead

Album: The Banks of Tuira

Year:      2017


Track:    Tanglewood

Artist:    The East Pointers

Album: What We Leave Behind

Year:      2017


Track:    Scotland's Story

Artist:    Zetor in the Kailyard

Album: Collateral

Year:      2017


Track:    King of the Clans

Artist:    Aizle

Album: EP

Year:      2017


Track:    Jasper's / Dancing Shoes

Artist:    Martin Simpson

Album: Trails & Tribulations

Year:      2017


Track:    More Fool Me

Artist:    Chris Wood

Album: So Much to Defend

Year:      2017


Track:    Chest's Final Beat

Artist:    Cua

Album: Songs of the Hollow


Track:    Tom Paine's Bones

Artist:    The Recollective

Album: The Recollective

Year:      2017


Track:    January Man

Artist:    Damien O'Kane

Album: Avenging and Bright

Year:      2017


Track:    Funky Haystack

Artist:    Dan Walsh

Album: Verging on the Perpendicular

Year:      2017


Track:    The Wishing Tree, The Retirement Reel, Dearne Valley Reel

Artist:    McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle

Album: The Wishing Tree

Year:      2017


Track:    Micky Doherty's/Gan Ainm

Artist:    Ushers Island

Album: Ushers Island

Year:      2017


Track:    Devon to Shetland

Artist:    Ross Couper & Tom Oakes

Album: Fiddle & Guitar

Year:      2017


Track:    Drimnin Otters

Artist:    The Routes Quartet

Album: Windrose

Year:      2017


Track:    Little Italy

Artist:    Ulaid and Duke Special

Album: A Note Let Go

Year:      2017


Track:    And Them

Artist:    Journey North

Album: Dance Towards Tomorrow Smiling

Year:      2017



Artist:    Ross Ainslie


Year:      2017