82. 16th september, 2017


Hi folks, welcome to this week’s show, Matthew Noone eases us in today and we then have three lively sets from KílaJiggy and Session A9.

Our album of the week is the eponymous debut album from Matt Tighe Music released on Greentrax Records, lovely stuff indeed.

During the show we have great music from West Yorkshire and Otley’s finest, The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band from their latest album “The Silences In Between” and more tracks from the new Ulaid & Duke Special album “A Note Let Go”.

You’ll also hear from: Tommy Guihen, Pádraig Rynne on the tenth anniversary of his album, “Bye a While”, Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns, tracks from the new Findlay Napier album “Glasgow” and a couple of tracks from “The Seer”, Lauren MacColl's fine new album.

We also have a couple more tracks from the new album “Trails & Tribulations” by Martin Simpson, including the sublime “A Ballad for Katherine of Aragon”.

You’ll hear great tunes from Bríd Harper MusicLoïc Blejean & Tad SargentLúnasa, Jayne Pomplas, The Recollective, lovely songs from Nancy KerrJosie Duncan & Pablo LafuenteShake the ChainsStruileag/Shore to ShoreÉilís Kennedy MusicChloe Foy and we even fit in a wee trip to Finland with ALDOC and Droichead.

We hope you enjoy this week’s show, why not let us know if you did by getting in touch at 


Andy (&Bob)




Invocation - Matthew Noone - LET LUV B UR GURU (2017)


Ór agus Airgead – Kila - Alive Beo (2017)


Silent Place – Jiggy – Translate (2017)


Gary Banjo: Swallow's / Katy Hill / Gary Banjo (Live) - Session A9 - Live At Celtic Connections (2017)


Hour Glass - The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band - The Silences In Between (2017)


Southall - Matt Tighe - Matt Tighe (2017)


Lon Dubh Loch Lao - Ulaid and Duke Special - A Note Let Go (2017)


The High Hills of Largy/The Mossy Banks - Tommy Guihen - The Torn Jacket (2017)


Barabara Needhams, Christy Barry’s, Bye a While - Pádraig Rynne - Bye a While (2007)


King's - Matt Tighe - Matt Tighe (2017)


Cold Wind Blowing - The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band - The Silences In Between (2017)


Blossom & Fruit - Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns - Blossom & Fruit (2017)


Wire Burners - Findlay Napier – Glasgow (2017)


And Sheep will eat Men / Brahan - Lauren MacColl - The Seer (2017)


The Maid Of Mount Kisco / The Jovial Journalist / Con McGinley's / Denis Lanctot's - Bríd Harper - Bríd Harper (2015)


A Ballad for Katherine of Aragon - Martin Simpson - Trails & Tribulations (2017)


Cronin's - Matt Tighe - Matt Tighe (2017)


Jasper's / Dancing Shoes - Martin Simpson - Trails & Tribulations (2017)


The Silences In Between - The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band - The Silences In Between (2017)

El Garrotin - Ulaid and Duke Special - A Note Let Go (2017)


Meantime - Matt Tighe - Matt Tighe (2017)


An Unkindness of Ravens - Lauren MacColl - The Seer (2017)


Reeling In Colman (The Noon Lasses/Jenny Picking Cockles) - Loïc Bléjean & Tad Sargent - Loïc Bléjean & Tad Sargent (2016)


The Floating Crowbar / McGlinchey's / The Almost Reel – Lúnasa – Otherworld (2017)


Kingdom - Nancy Kerr – Instar (2016)


Shift and Spin - Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente - Half of What You See – EP (2016)


E.G.A. - Nancy Kerr, Hannah Martin, Findlay Napier, Greg Russell, Tim Yates - Shake the Chains (2017)


Bríd Harpers, PaddyWhacks - Pádraig Rynne - Bye a While (2007)


Knotted Chord / The Coast Of Austria / First Century Reel - Bríd Harper - Bríd Harper (2016)


O Mo Ddhuthaic / Oh My Country  &  A’ Buain / Cutting Reaping Struileag - Struileag (Shore to Shore) (2014)


Trip to Oulu – Aldoc - From Tallaght to Halle (2014)


Frahers/The Mug of Brown Ale/The Legacy – Droichead - The Banks of Tuira (2017)


The Flannel Red - Éilís Kennedy – Westward (2016)


Flaws - Chloe Foy - Are We There Yet? EP (2017)


The Graf Spee, Paddy Ryan's Dream, Farewell To Kilroe - Jayne Pomplas - Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle (2015)


Marchtown - Findlay Napier – Glasgow (2017)


Reilly's - The Recollective - The Recollective (2017)


The Last Pint – Lúnasa - Lúnasa with the Rté Concert Orchestra (2013)


Shake the Chains - Nancy Kerr, Hannah Martin, Findlay Napier, Greg Russell, Tim Yates - Shake the Chains (2017)