69. 8th April, 2017

Hi Folks, here we are again! Acid Crofters Shooglenifty​ and Ireland's own melting pot, Jiggy​ open up today with great, inventive tunes. More great tunes then follow from Ushers Island and Kern​, then lovely songs from both Maurice McGrath​ and Mairin Mannion​. 

We then have great sets featuring the pipes from Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta, (Copley Street​) and Réalta​ followed by high energy guitar and fiddle duos from Adam Agee & Jon Sousa​ and Padraig O' Neill​ & Ian Kinsella​.

More mighty tunes and songs from Mec Lir​, Scoops​, Findlay Napier​, Frank Harte​ & Dónal Lunny​, Josie Nugent​, Clanú​, Project West​, Ré, Old Blind Dogs​, Connla​, Hamish Napier​, Mànran​, John & Maggie Carty​, Robbie Greig​, Lúnasa​ and the duo of Loïc Blejean & Tad Sargent​ are also included today.

The show today also features nominees and winners from this week’s #r2folkawards present in the Black Dog Radio collection including Breabach​, Songs of Separation​, Jarlath Henderson​, Rachel Newton​, Mohsen Amini​ with the band Talisk​, John McSherry​, Kris Drever​, Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton​ and Daoirí Farrell​, we hope you enjoy this weeks tunes,

Andy (& Bob)



Fitzroy Crossing – Shooglenifty - The Untied Knot (2015)


Head Rush – Jiggy (2017)


Five Drunken Landlady's (The Drunken Landlady, McFadden's, Lucky in Love) - Ushers Island - Ushers Island (2017)


Louth Set (Mohill Reel/ The Boyne Hunt/The Piper on Horseback) – Kern - False Deceiver (2016)


Bandon Fair - Maurice McGrath - Winsome Ways (2016)


Innisfree - Mairin Mannion - Will O' The Wisp (2016)


The Old, Gypsy Princess, The Noon Lasses (feat. Owen Marshall) - Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta - Copley Street (2016)


Saltón de Meres - Pasacáis del Xarreru (Asturian tunes) – Réalta - Clear Skies (2016)


The Ram - Mec Lir (2016)


Coisich A' Rùin – Breabach – Astar (2016)


Singing Stream – Scoops – Rockarolan (2016)


Runs in the Family, Angry Birds - Adam Agee & Jon Sousa – Suantraí (2014)


Current Bun - Padraig O' Neill & Ian Kinsella - When the Prescription Runs out... (2016)


Eddie Banjo - Findlay Napier - VIP: Very Interesting Persons (2014)


This Town Is Not Your Own - Daoirí Farrell - True Born Irishman (2016)


#now Building up and Tearing England Down - Frank Harte/Donal Lunny - There's Gangs of Them Digging (2009)


Jigs: Siegfried Mulcahy, The Brisk Young Lad, Whistle And I'll Come To You - Josie Nugent - Modal Citizen (2016)


Westport to Crumlin – Clanú - Long Way Round (2016)


The Knife – Talisk – Abyss (2016)


My Father's House - Project West - Project West (2016)


The Ravelled Hank of Yarn/ The Tinker's Stick/ Corney is Coming – Ré – Ré (2014)


Ruby (Sheila & Rick's Ruby Wedding, Happy Harry) - Ross & Ali – Symbiosis (2016)


Nevertheless - Old Blind Dogs - Room With A View (2017)


Saints & Sinners – Connla - River Waiting (2016)


I Didn't Try Hard Enough - Kris Drever - If Wishes Were Horses (2016)


The River - Hamish Napier - The River (2016)


It Was A For Our Rightfu King - Songs Of Separation - Songs Of Separation (2016)


Hour - Mànran - An Dà Là (The Two Days) (2017)


The Old Timer / Grandmother She (Barndances) - John And Maggie Carty - Settle Out Of Court (2016)


Jig / Slipjig / Reel (feat. Tomás Callister) - Robbie Greig - Robbie Greig and Friends (2016)


Irish Rendez Vous (An Grianan/Peter Byrne's Fancy/Coppers & Brass) - Loïc Bléjean & Tad Sargent - Loïc Bléjean & Tad Sargent (2016)


The Whisperer - John McSherry - The Seven Suns (2016)


The Floating Crowbar, McGlinchey's, The Almost Reel – Lúnasa - Otherworld (2006)


The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow - Jarlath Henderson - Hearts Broken, Heads Turned (2016)


Van Diemen's Land - Daoirí Farrell - True Born Irishman (2016)


The Bloody Gardener - Rachel Newton - Here's My Heart Come Take It (2016)


If Wishes Were Horses - Kris Drever - If Wishes Were Horses (2016)