67. 25th March, 2017

Hi Folks! Here's the latest show from Black Dog Radio!

Seamie O'Dowd & Kieran Quinn and Fraser Fifield kick the show off today,we then have a selection of songs and tunes from Gnoss, TEYR (for Aoife), FullSet, Goitse, Old Blind Dogs, Vishten and Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar.

Throughout the show our original listener and friend of the show Mikk Skinner presents his "six of the best" which is an eclectic collection of tracks from, The Beach Boys, Family, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Annie Grace & Dougie MacLean, Happy Birthday Mikk!

More great music follows from: Gailfean, Mícheál Darby Ó Fátharta, Aaron J. Burke Music, The Here & Now, Bríd O'Gorman, Brendan Mulholland, Ciaran Algar, Matthew Ward, Conor O' Sullivan, Chris Wood, Éilís Kennedy, Barrule, McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle and finally Christy Moore plays us out with "Back Home in Derry"


Andy (& Bob)



Tell Her I Am/The Yellow Wattle - Seamie O'Dowd & Kieran Quinn - Melodic Reflection (2017)


Stereocanto - Fraser Fifield – Stereocanto  (2009)


The Den – Gnoss – Gnoss (2016)


Nothing Grows – Teyr - Far from the Tree (2016)


The Brocca – FullSet - Notes Between The Lines (2015)


Maybellene - Chuck Berry


Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys


An Bonnán Buí – Goitse - Inspired by Chance (2016)


Gavottes des Montagnes – Old Blind Dogs – A Room With a View (2017)


Tobie Lapierre – Vishtèn – Mosaïk (2012)


Swipe Right (The Last Pint / The Luck Penny / Morven's Jig) - Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - The Silent Majority (2016)


Bonny Bunch Of Roses, Redican's Bow, Seán Se Cheo – Gailfean - Won't You Come Out Tonight (2016)


The Furze in Bloom/Joe Cooley's - Mícheál Darby Ó Fátharta - An Rithim Réidh (2017)


Weaver's Answer – Family – Family Entertainment (1969)


Gm – Teyr - Far from the Tree (2016)


Could It Be - Aaron J. Burke (2017)


Little Monster - The Here and Now – Ladybird (2016)


Primitive - Annie Lennox – Diva (1992)


Sunny Banks - Ciaran Algar - The Final Waltz (2016)


The Bag Of Spuds/The Mills Are Grinding - Bríd O'Gorman - Bluebells Are Blooming (2016)


The House Of Hamill, Sean's Reel - Brendan Mulholland - Jean's Hill (2012)


In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel – Live in Athens (1987)


Lighthouse - Matthew Ward - The Lighthouse EP  (2016)


This Love Won't Let You Fail - Chris Wood - So Much to Defend (2017)


The New World - Conor O'Sullivan - The Inbetween (2017)


Tunes - Annie Grace –  The Bell (2011)

Bonnie at Morn - Annie Grace – Take Me Out Drinking Tonight (2004)


The Concert Reel, Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrell - Brid O'Gorman - The Bluebells are Blooming (2016)


The Pigeon On The Gate, The Thrush In The Storm - Brendan Mulholland - Jean's Hill (2012)


The Saucy Sailor - Éilís Kennedy – Westward (2016)


engage! – Barrule – Barrule (2016)


Keane O'Hara, Rip the Calico, Coming of Age, My Maryanne, Tribute to Larry Reynolds - McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle - The Wishing Tree (2017)


Into the Flames - Dougie Maclean – Inside The Thunder (2005)


Rialto Derry January 1993/Back Home in Derry - Christy Moore - Ride On (1984)