61. 11th FEBRUARY, 2017

Hi Folks, today’s show includes: Iain Copeland, The Fair Rain and Aizle. Kavan Donohoe with a couple of tracks from his “Kavan from Cavan” album, great flute playing from Brendan Mulholland, fine sets from Brenda Castles Music, Gnoss and NUA, songs from The Hur, Mec Lir and New Road.

Maurice McGrath Music with his lovely song “Willy Clancy And The Pipes” from his excellent, “Winsome Ways” album. Tunes from Stevie Dunne Banjo, Emma Sweeney, a set of slides from Réalta, remembering Angus with “Hoptsoi” from Shooglenifty Scotland, a Gallic twist from Scoops, pipe tunes from Kevin Rowsome, Darragh Murphy, Cillian Vallely, Eoin Dillon and Joey Abarta. Jiggy give us their new single “Head Rush”, a trip down memory lane with a couple of tracks from Gráda.

Great stuff from Cara and Afro Celt Sound System, Nae Plans - Hamish Napier and Adam Sutherland and Heron Valley give us a couple of tunes from Gordon Duncan. More mighty tunes and songs from, Mic Christopher, ATLAS, R2 Folk Awards 2017 multiple nominee Daoirí Farrell sings “Pat Rainey” for us, Barrule give us a lively set from “Manannan's Cloak”, explosive harmonica from Will Pound & Eddy Jay and Ímar close us out with the opening track from their superb album “Afterlight”.


Andy (&Bob)


Father Quinn's – Aizle – EP (2017)


The House in Rose Valley, Hogties Reel - Kavan Donohoe - Kavan from Cavan (2011)


The King Of The Pipers, Behind The Haystack, The Maid On The Green - Brendan Mulholland - Jean's Hill (2012)


Still Standing - The Hur - Still Standing – Single (2017)


We're Going to Be Friends - Mec Lir - Not an EP (2014)


Slip Jigs/Jig: Indeedin You Needn't Bother/The Puzzle Saw Jig - Brenda Castles - Indeedin You Needn't Bother (2016)


Clocks, Hunters Purse - Kavan Donohoe - Kavan from Cavan (2011)


The Silver Fox – Gnoss - The Silver Fox – Single (2017)


The Thistle and the Daffodil – NUA – Bold (2013)


The Lowground - The Lowground - Swallow The World (2015)


Willy Clancy And The Pipes - Maurice McGrath - Winsome Ways (2016)


King of the Pipers, The House On the Hill - Stevie Dunne - About Time (2010)


The House Of Hamill, Sean's Reel - Brendan Mulholland - Jean's Hill (2012)


Dancing on the radio/Port Con Durham - Eoin Dillon – Pondelorum (2016)


The Singing Kettle - Emma Sweeney – Pangea (2013)


The Star Above The Garter, Eibhlín Ní Riordáin’s (slides) – Réalta - Clear Skies (2016)


Hoptsoi - Shooglenifty - A Whisky Kiss (1996)


BZH (Le Retour, Heuliadeann Gouel Ha Daerou I, Polig's Gavotte) – Scoops – Rockarolan (2016)


Now Westlin Winds - New Road - Stone Walls & Street Lights (2016)


An Buachaill Caol Dubh (The Dark Slender Boy) - Kevin Rowsome - Cuisle Cheol Na bPíob (The Musical Pulse Of The Pipes) (2016)


The Wedding Reel / Lucky In Love - Darragh Murphy - The Humours of Piping (2001)


Head Rush – Jiggy - Head Rush – Single (2017)


Seven of Eight – Gráda - The Landing Step (2004)


Dear Irish Boy (Song Air) - Joey Abarta - Swimming Against the Falls / Snámh in Aghaidh Easa (2013)


The Exploding Case – Cara - Yet We Sing (2016)


A Higher Love (tune 'Monkswell Road' ) - Afro Celt Sound System - The Source (2016)


Gordon Duncan Classic - Pipe Band Hall Wick - Nae Plans - Adam Sutherland & Hamish Napier - Vol. II Live! The First Scottish Tour (2016)


Pressed for Time - Heron Valley - Pressed for Time – Single (2015)


Heyday - Mic Christopher - Heyday EP (2006)


Pint of Reference – Gráda – Endeavour (2005)


Fail Better – Atlas – Affinity (2016)


Pat Rainey - Daoirí Farrell - True Born Irishman (2016)


The Bull's March: Bó Mhin Na Toitean / 40 March / 40 Reel - Cillian Vallely - The Raven's Rock (2016)


The Laxey Reels (feat. Calum Stewart) – Barrule - Manannan's Cloak (2015)


The Reckoning - Will Pound & Eddy Jay – Ignite (2016)


Into the Light (Through the Trade, Mean Fouyir, The Hairy Dog) – Ímar – Afterlight (2017)