60. 4th FEBRUARY, 2017

Hi Folks, for your listening pleasure today we have Buille paying homage to the late great Joe Zawinul and then the incredible young talent that make up Fat-Suit weigh in with the gorgeous “No Regrets”, we then have more stunning tracks from the new albums from Ímar, Aizle and Mànran, along with the very finest songs and tunes from: Mec Lir, John McSherry Music, Dàimh, Hamish Napier, Socks in the Frying Pan, We Banjo 3, Caladh Nua, Clanú, Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta, Jamie Mc Donald (The Official Fanpage), Treacherous Orchestra, The Felice Brothers, ALDOC, Réalta, Kieran Quinn Music, John & Maggie Carty, Old Blind Dogs and Fred Morrison, fine fiddling from Bríd Harper Music, Liz Carroll and Sam Proctor, and we have a classic track from Lau to close us out, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy his fine selection,


Andy (&Bob)



In a Silent Way / After the Silence – Buílle - Buille Beo (2015)


No Regrets – Fat-Suit - Kambr (2013)


Friendship (Friends on the Hilltop) – Ímar – Afterlight (2017)


Áille's – Aizle – EP (2017)


Autobahn – Mànran - An Dà Là (The Two Days) (2017)


Manx Plates (Ivar the Boneless, Jimmy Mick Dinny's, Llama Karma) – Ímar – Afterlight (2017)


Boat in the Morning - Mec Lir - Not an EP (2014)


Sunset Land (The Air of Sunset Land, The Snow Crystal, The Quickenbeam) - John McSherry - The Seven Suns (2016)


Mo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Lìobhann – Dàimh – Tuneship (2013)


The Pearlfishers - Hamish Napier - The River (2016)


When First I Came To Caledonia - Socks In The Frying Pan - Without A Paddle (2016)


Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire / Fine Times At Our House - We Banjo 3 - Gather the Good (2014)


Farewell to Bally, Abbeyleix Reel, Molly Bán, Caoilte Mountain - Caladh Nua - Free and Easy (2016)


Niall's – Clanú - Long Way Round (2016)


Mrs Carroll's Strathspey, Marquis Of Huntly, Beautiful Gortree - Bríd Harper - Bríd Harper (2015)


Strong – Mànran - An Dà Là (The Two Days) (2017)


Flitter Dance - Mec Lir - Not an EP (2014)


High And Dry - Amanda Palmer - Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele (2010)


Eddie Moloneys/Horses Leotard/Mike Cooneys Fancy (feat. Nicolas Quemener, Ringo McDonagh & Ringo McDonagh) - Dave Sheridan - Faoi Bhlath (2011)


The Gaelic Club / Banks of Newfoundland / The Lark on the Strand (feat. Owen Marshall) - Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta - Copley Street (2016)


Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way - Jamie Mc Donald and The Number Nein - Done Before It Wasn't (2016)


The Speckled Heifer (Hats off to Dodd, Colbagh Breck, Lea's Tune) – Ímar – Afterlight (2017)


Sorley's 5 – RURA - Break It Up (2012)


Halcyon Daze - Treacherous Orchestra – Grind (2015)


The Fruit And The Snoot, On The Offbeat - Liz Carroll - On The Offbeat (2013)


The Flooded Road - Sam Proctor - Natural Progression (2008)


The Full Orkney (No Fear No Grace, The Silver Shroud, King of the Foreigners) – Ímar – Afterlight (2017)


Dancing on the Wing - The Felice Brothers - Life in the Dark (2016)


If You Never Knew My Name – Aldoc - From Tallaght to Halle (2014)


April Lake - Fat-Suit – Jugaad (2014)


Úr-Chnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte – Réalta - Clear Skies (2016)


Miss Johnstone's / The Tipperary Hills / Cucanandy (feat. Owen Marshall) - Nathan Gourley & Joey Abarta - Copley Street (2016)


The False Lady (Live) - Mike McGoldrick, John Doyle & John McCusker - The Mark Radcliffe Folk Sessions (2016)


The Maid Of Mt Kisco / Matt People's (Reels) - John And Maggie Carty - Settle Out Of Court (2016)


Reels: Farewell to Ireland, The Road to Cashel, Tommy Peoples - Dave Sheridan & Company - Sheridan's Guest House (2006)


Desperate Fishwives (Desperate Fishwives / Frankie Drain's / The Golden Stud) - Old Blind Dogs - Wherever Yet May Be (2010)


Tony's Tune - Fred Morrison - Up South (2003)


Hinba – Lau - Live Remastered (2012)