102. 10th March, 2018 (For International Women's Day, 2018)

Hi Folks,

This show was broadcast on 10th March, 2018 to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 and features some of the great female artists we have played throughout the life of the show, unfortunately some missed out on the show as five hours was all I could manage on the day!


In the first part you’ll hear great songs from Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter, Chloe Foy, Wallis Bird, Iona Fyfe, Bernadette Morris, Ange Hardy, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Bella Hardy, Fara, Gillian Frame, Niamh Parsons, Annie Grace, Éilís Kennedy and Paula Ryan.

We also have mighty tunes from Louise Mulcahy, Bríd O'Gorman, Jayne Pomplas, The Routes Quartet and Bríd Harper.

In the second part of the show you’ll hear great songs from Katie Spencer, Briste, Bernadette Morris, Grainne Holland, Jelly Cleaver, Goitse, Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente, Saileog Ní Cheannabháin, Connla and Julie Fowlis.

We also have savage tunes from Brenda Castles, Saileog Ní Cheannabháin, Eilis Crean, Emma Sweeney, Jayne Pomplas & Ian Kinsella and Fara.


Part three of the show has great songs from Emily Barker, Sinead Murphy, Gillian Welch, Tilly Moses, Kate Rusby, John And Maggie Carty, The Breath, Karan Casey, Hannah Rarity and Linda Thompson, along with mighty tunes from Therese McInerney, Brian Donnellan, Sharon Howley, Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy, Lauren MacColl, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Zoe Conway & John McIntyre and Liz Carroll.


The final part of the show features more of the fine female artists that have graced the show over the last couple of years. You’ll hear great tunes from, Caitlin Nic Gabhann, Mary McNamara & Sorcha Costello, Mairearad Green & Anna Massie and Méabh Ní Bheaglaoich & Matt Griffin and also features songs from Beoga, Pauline Scanlon, Niamh Boadle, Norma Waterson, Rachel Newton, Mari Boine, Debbie Pullen, Lankum, Maeve Mackinnon, Kathleen MacInnes, Project West, Mairin Mannion, Nancy Kerr and we close the show with Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy.


We hope you have enjoy hearing from all these mighty women! #womeninfolk #fairple 


Andy (Bob & wee Mia)




Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four

Track:    There Is A Time

Artist:    Jenn & Laura-Beth

Album:   Bound

Year:      2016

Track:    The Harvest Moon, Lady Anne Montgomery, The Birmingham, Is Cuma Lion

Artist:    Brenda Castles

Album:   Indeedin You Needn't Bother

Year:      2016

Track:    Eppie Morrie

Artist:    Karan Casey

Album:   The Winds Begin To Sing

Year:      2001

Track:    The Rookery / Joe Cooley's Morning Dew / the Edenderry Reel (Featuring Caoimhin O Fearghail)

Artist:    Caitlin Nic Gabhann

Album:   Caitlín

Year:      2012

Track:    Are We There Yet

Artist:    Chloe Foy

Album:   Are We There Yet? - EP

Year:      2017

Track:    Drinking The Same Water

Artist:    Katie Spencer

Album:   Live Soundtrack to a Short Film

Year:      2016

Track:    The Ardent Shepherdess

Artist:    Kate Rusby

Album:   Life in a Paper Boat

Year:      2016

Track:    Wexford Town

Artist:    Beoga

Album:   Before We Change Our Mind

Year:      2016

Track:    The Road To Hughie's / The Beech Tree

Artist:    Brid Harper

Album:   Bríd Harper

Year:      2015

Track:    Billy Taylor / The Mill House

Artist:    Briste

Album:   Briste - EP

Year:      2017

Track:    The Holly Bush / The Gallowglass

Artist:    Kirsten Allstaff

Album:   Gallowglass

Year:      2014

Track:    What Will We Do When We Have No Money?

Artist:    Lankum

Album:   Between the Earth and Sky

Year:      2017

Track:    In Dictum

Artist:    Wallis Bird

Album:   Wallis Bird

Year:      2012

Track:    Uileacán Dubh Ó & Red Tom of the Hill,

            The Galtee, Martin Rochford’s

Artist:    Saileog Ní Cheannabháin

Album:   Roithlean

Year:      2017

Track:    Crib Of Perches, The Morning Star,

            The Maids Of Castlebar (Reels)

Artist:    Therese McInerney, Brian Donnellan, Sharon Howley

Album:   Down The Strand

Year:      2017

Track:    Ho ro hùg o hùg o

Artist:    Maeve Mackinnon

Album:   Don't Sing Love Songs

Year:      2007

Track:    The Swan Swims

Artist:    Iona Fyfe

Album:  Fatea Showcase Session Summer 17 Burning

Year:      2017

Track:    Until We Meet Again

Artist:    Bernadette Morris

Album:   Where the Heart is

Year:      2018

Track:    Ríl Zoë

Artist:    Zoe Conway & John McIntyre

Album:   Go Mairir I Bhfad _ Long Life To You

Year:      2012

Track:    The Steampacket / The Lady's Cup Of Tea / The Humours Of Scariff

Artist:    Mary McNamara And Sorcha Costello

Album:   The Lady's Cup Of Tea

Year:      2016

Track:    By The Water's Edge

Artist:    Bernadette Morris

Album:   Where the Heart is

Year:      2018

Track:    Reels: Fox On The Prowl/House Of Hamill/

           Kilty Town

Artist:    Brenda Castles

Album:   Indeedin You Needn't Bother

Year:      2016

Track:    Pressed For Time

Artist:    Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Album:   Thumb Twiddling

Year:      2002

Track:    Miss Proud

Artist:    Mairearad Green & Anna Massie

Album:   Doubling

Year:      2013

Track:    A Girl Like Her

Artist:    Ange Hardy

Album:   Bring Back Home

Year:      2017

Track:    Saints & Sinners

Artist:    Connla

Album:   River Waiting

Year:      2016

Track:    Whisky

Artist:    Tilly Moses

Album:   Alight & Adrift

Year:      2017

Track:    I'm Going To Set You Free

Artist:    Project West

Album:   Project West

Year:      2016

Track:    Bean Dubh A’ Ghleanna

Artist:    Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

Album:   Foxglove & Fuschia

Year:      2017

Track:    The Old Pipe on the Hob / The Sally Popular

Artist:    Eilis Crean

Album: Bitter Sweet

Year:      2017

Track:    Forever Autumn

Artist:    Sarah McQuaid

Album:   If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get  Dangerous

Year:      2018

Track:    Blasad Nan Deur (Tasting Tears)

Artist:    Kathleen MacInnes

Album:   Children Of The Smoke

Year:      2014

Track:    Hey Sammy

Artist:    Bella Hardy

Album:   Hey Sammy

Year:      2017

Track:    Pangea

Artist:    Emma Sweeney

Album:   Pangea

Year:      2013

Track:    Little Deaths

Artist:    Emily Barker

Album:   The Toerag Sessions

Year:      2015

Track:    Sligo Moon

Artist:    Mairin Mannion

Album:   Will O' The Wisp

Year:      2016

Track:    Reels: The Templehouse / The Tailored Jacket

Artist:    Louise Mulcahy

Album:   Tuning the Road

Year:      2014

Track:    The Dragon

Artist:    Fara

Album:   Cross the Line

Year:      2016

Track:    Whiskey Girl

Artist:    Gillian Welch

Album:   Hell Among the Yearlings

Year:      2007

Track:    Vuoi Vuoi Me

Artist:    Mari Boine

Album:   In the Hand of the Night

Year:      2006

Track:    The High Road To Glin,

           Sonny Brogan's Favorite

Artist:    Jayne Pomplas

Album:   Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle

Year:      2015

Track:    A Bhean Adaí Thall

Artist:    Grainne Holland

Album:   Teanga Na nGael

Year:      2015

Track:    The Nightingale (Song)

Artist:    John And Maggie Carty

Album:   Settle Out Of Court

Year:      2016

Track:    Nora Chríonna

Artist:    Méabh Ní Bheaglaoich & Matt Griffin

Album:   Cuisle

Year:      2017

Track:    Three Fishers

Artist:    Fara

Album:   Cross the Line

Year:      2016

Track:    Flynn's Mud in Ballyloughlin

Artist:    Jayne Pomplas & Ian Kinsella

Album:   John Sa Cheo

Year:      2017

Track:    The Cocks are Crowing

Artist:    Sinead Murphy

Album:   No Better Time

Year:      2016

Track:    Kingdom

Artist:    Nancy Kerr

Album:   Instar

Year:      2016

Track:    Lovely Molly

Artist:    Gillian Frame

Album:   Pendulum

Year:      2017

Track:    Remember Me

Artist:    Jelly Cleaver

Album:   Cure for an Existential Crisis

Year:      2017

Track:    Jigs: Siegfried Mulcahy / The Brisk Young Lad / Whistle And I'll Come To You

Artist:    Josie Nugent

Album:   Modal Citizen

Year:      2016

Track:    God Loves a Drunk

Artist:    Norma Waterson

Album:   Norma Waterson

Year:      1996

Track:    Roisín and Paddy

Artist:    The Routes Quartet

Album:   Windrose

Year:      2017

Track:    Ireland's Green Shore

Artist:    Goitse

Album:   Inspired by Chance

Year:      2016

Track:    Lady Isabella / An da-shealladh

Artist:    Lauren MacColl

Album:   The Seer

Year:      2017

Track:    Creggan White Hare

Artist:    Niamh Boadle

Album: Maid on the Shore

Year:      2015

Track:    Shores Of Lough Bran

Artist:    Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne

Album:   Kind Providence

Year:      2016

Track:    Shift and Spin

Artist:    Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente

Album:   Half of What You See - EP

Year:      2016

Track:    The Galway Rambler / The Morning Dew / The Boston Sligo Reel (Reels)

Artist:    Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy

Album:   The Reel Note

Year:      2016

Track:    I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night?

Artist:    Pauline Scanlon

Album:   Gossamer

Year:      2016

Track:    Bonny At Morn

Artist:    Annie Grace

Album:   Take Me Out Drinking Tonight

Year:      2004

Track:    Lon-dubh/Blackbird

Artist:    Julie Fowlis

Album:   Cuilidh

Year:      2008

Track:    Stevenson's

Artist:    Hannah Rarity

Album:   Beginnings - EP

Year:      2016

Track:    Roses

Artist:    Pullen & O'Connor

Album:   A Million Tears

Year:      2017

Track:    Cailín Mo Rúnsa

Artist:    Éilís Kennedy

Album:   Westward

Year:      2016


Track:    Carry Your Kin (Acoustic)

Artist:    The Breath

Album:   Acoustic - EP

Year:      2017

Track:    Don't Go Out Tonight My Darling

Artist:    Rachel Newton

Album:   Here's My Heart Come Take It

Year:      2016

Track:    A View From Across The Valley/The Doonagore

Artist:    Bríd O'Gorman

Album:   Bluebells Are Blooming

Year:      2016


Track:    Katy Cruel

Artist:    Linda Thompson

Album:   Versatile Heart

Year:      2007

Track:    S Muladach Mi 'S Mi Air M'Aineoil (Sad Am I And In A Strange Place)

Artist:    Songs Of Separation

Album:   Songs Of Separation

Year:      2016

Track:    A Thousand Smiling Faces

Artist:    Paula Ryan

Album:   Let Me Fly

Year:      2017


Track:    Sevens / Michael Kennedy's / The Cup of Tea

Artist:    Liz Carroll

Album:   Lost In the Loop

Year:      2000

Track:    Tyrannic Man’s Dominion

Artist:    Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy

Album:  A Pocket Of Wind Resistance

Year:      2017

Track:    Jig For Yvette / Lad O'Beirne's No.2 / The New Whistle

Artist:    Brid Harper

Album:   Bríd Harper

Year:      2015