101. 3rd March, 2018


Hi Folks,

Welcome to the latest show from Black Dog Radio.

This weeks’s tunes come from Tiarnán O Duinnchinn, Mark T’ Navá, Jack Talty, Fergal Scahill, James Duncan Mackenzie, Mikie Smyth, Matt Tighe, Michael McGoldrick, Croft No Five, Còig, Atlas, Project Smok, Noel Bermingham, String Sisters, Fergal Scahill & Áine McGeeney, The East Pointers, Conor Lamb, Brendan Mulholland & Deirdre Galway, John McSherry & Dónal O'Connor and Adam Sutherland.

We also feature songs from Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente, Sarah McQuaid, Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O Meachair, The king heat ensemble, Jiggy, White Rooks, Lankum, Fergal Scahill, Sean McCarthy & David Howley, The Recollective, Cua and John Forrester.

We hope you enjoy the music,


Andy (&Bob)





Track:    Rose In the Gap

Artist:    John McSherry & Dónal O'Connor

Album:   Tripswitch

Year:     2007



Track:    Open to the Elements

Artist:    String Sisters

Album:   Between Wind and Water

Year:     2018



Track:    Five & Drive, View from the Reek

Artist:    Michael McGoldrick

Album:   Arc

Year:     2018



Track:    Emma's Waltz, Mairi Duncan of Errogie

Artist:    Adam Sutherland

Album:   some other land

Year:     2018



Track:    Unquiet Grave

Artist:    White Rooks

Album:   I See Fairises

Year:     2018



Track:   May Day (reel - jig)

Artist:    Conor Lamb, Brendan Mulholland & Deirdre Galway

Album:   Music in the Glen

Year:     2018



Track:   Cooley's Reel, The Trip to Durrow

Artist:    Noel Bermingham

Album:   When the Tide is Out

Year:     2017



Track:   The Rose

Artist:    Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys

Album:   Pretty Peggy

Year:     2017



Track:    New Beginnings

Artist:    Sarah McQuaid

Album:   If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

Year:     2018



Track:   Slow Decay

Artist:    Sarah McQuaid

Album:   If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

Year:     2018



Track:   Tread Softly

Artist:    Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O Meachair

Album:   One For The Foxes

Year:     2018



Track:   Aine McGeeney - Paddy Fahy's, The Maid at the Spinning Wheel

Artist:    Fergal Scahill, Áine McGeeney

Album:   A Tune a Day for Pieta House

Year:     2017



Track:    The Killimor Jig / The Hawthorn Hedge / The Church on The Hill

Artist:    Caroline Keane & Tom Delany

Album:   Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck

Year:     2017



Track:   The Drift

Artist:    The East Pointers

Album:   Secret Victory

Year:     2015



Track:   Ten years

Artist:    The king heat ensemble

Album:   songs

Year:     2018



Track:   Dusk on Loch Ness

Artist:    Adam Sutherland

Album:   some other land

Year:     2018



Track:    Ocam an Phriosuin

Artist:    Jiggy

Album:   Translate

Year:     2017



Track:    Return of Spring, Mountain Pathway

Artist:    Tiarnán O Duinnchinn

Album:   Reggish Paddy

Year:     2017



Track:    Taxim/Shirts Of The Earth (Live)

Artist:    Mark T

Album:   From Blues To Rembetika

Year:     2017



Track:    Magic Box

Artist:    Navá

Album:   Tapestry

Year:     2017



Track:    The Granite Gaze

Artist:    Lankum

Album:   Between the Earth and Sky

Year:     2017



Track:    Southall

Artist:    Matt Tighe

Album:   Matt Tighe

Year:     2017



Track:    The Night Visiting Song

Artist:    Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente

Album:   The Morning Tempest

Year:     2017



Track:    Trip to Nova Scotia, The Big Fiddle, Baddeck Bay

Artist:    Michael McGoldrick

Album:   Arc

Year:     2018



Track:    The P.F.P. Set

Artist:    Còig

Album:   Rove

Year:     2017



Track:    True Love Know's No Season

Artist:    The Recollective

Album:   The Recollective

Year:     2017



Track:    The Half Inch Accident

Artist:    Croft No Five

Album:   Attention All Personnel

Year:     2001



Track:    She Has Me

Artist:    Cua

Album:   Songs of the Hollow

Year:     2016



Track:    Micho's Russell's and Sean Reid's Favourite

Artist:    Mikie Smyth

Album:   The Wild Keys

Year:     2015


Track:    Hyperion

Artist:    Atlas

Album:   Affinity

Year:     2016



Track:    Escaping a Storm

Artist:    John Forrester

Album:   Restless

Year:     2018



Track:    Last Night's Fun, Dr. Gilbert, The Spirits of Wine (Reels)

Artist:    Fergal Scahill

Album:   Wayfaring

Year:     2011



Track:    The Bubbling Wine, The Flowery Fields of Scotland, and The Sailor on the Rock

Artist:    Jack Talty

Album:   In Flow

Year:     2016



Track:    Dublin Blues

Artist:    Fergal Scahill, Sean McCarthy & David Howley

Album:   Freewheel

Year:     2012



Track:    Eyes to the Sky (feat. Alasdair White & Matheu Watson)

Artist:    James Duncan Mackenzie

Album:   James Duncan Mackenzie

Year:      2013



Track:    Frahers/The Mug of Brown Ale/The Legacy

Artist:    Droichead

Album:   The Banks of Tuira

Year:     2017



Track:    Farewell To Ireland

Artist:    Brendan Mulholland

Album:   Jean's Hill

Year:     2012



Track:    Jigs: The Black Rogue - The Maid of the Spinning Wheel

Artist:    Dave Sheridan & Company

Album:   Sheridan's Guest House

Year:     2006



Track:    Look Over the Hill and Far Away

Artist:    Chris Sherburn & Findlay Napier

Album:   Two Men On a Boat

Year:     2014



Track:    New Bush

Artist:    Project Smok

Album:   Horizons

Year:     2017