100. 24th February, 2018 (part two)

Hi Folks,

Welcome to part two of the 100th show from Black Dog Radio.

We start the second half with blistering pipe tunes from Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson, Anxo Lorenzo, Fred Morrison and Carlos Núñez.

You’ll here songs from Barry Kerr, Daoirí Farrell, Teyr, The Jeremiahs, Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns, Tim O'Connor and Tim Edey.

Also great tunes from Bully's Acre, FourWinds, Martyn Bennett & Tommy Smith, Paddy Keenan & Tommy Sullivan, Pádraig Rynne, Stevie Dunne, Topette!!, Treacherous Orchestra and Xose Manuel Budiño.

We hope you enjoy the music!

Tune in to the live broadcast, Saturday mornings for three hours starting at 9am here:


Andy (&Bob)



Track:    Eavesdropper

Artist:    Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson

Album:   Air-Fix

Year:     2013



Track:    Road to Errogie

Artist:    Anxo Lorenzo

Album:   Tirán

Year:     2009



Track:    Sheridan's

Artist:    Fred Morrison

Album:   Live at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2011

Year:     2011



Track:    The Raggle Taggle Gipsy

Artist:    Carlos Núñez

Album:   Os Amores Libres

Year:     2000



Track:    Bm Reel, JB's Reel, Lad O'Beirnes

Artist:    Pádraig Rynne

Album:   Bye a While

Year:     2007



Track:    Bolies Road, Siobhan McCaughey's

Artist:    Stevie Dunne

Album: About Time

Year:     2017



Track:    Nothing Grows

Artist:    Teyr

Album:   Far from the Tree

Year:     2016



Track:    Blossom & fruit

Artist:    Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns

Album:   Blossom & Fruit

Year:     2017



Track:    Sunshine / Scottish Urbaine

Artist:    Topette!!

Album:   C'est Le Pompon

Year:     2017



Track:    This Boy

Artist:    The Jeremiahs

Album:   The Femme Fatale Of Maine

Year:     2017



Track:    Superfly

Artist:    Treacherous Orchestra

Album:   Origins

Year:     2016



Track:    Karabach

Artist:    Martyn Bennett & Tommy Smith

Album:   Ceol Tacsi

Year:     2006



Track:    Brambles Wild

Artist:    Tim O'Connor

Album:   Where The Monsters Live

Year:     2013



Track:    Ortegal

Artist:    Xose Manuel Budiño

Album:   Home

Year:     2007



Track:    Van Diemen's Land

Artist:    Daoirí Farrell

Album:   True Born Irishman

Year:     2016



Track:    The Commodore

Artist:    Bully's Acre

Album:   The Twelve Pins

Year:     2014



Track:    Érin Go Bragh

Artist:    Barry Kerr

Album:   Boy in a Boat

Year:     2015



Track:    Collier's / The Woman of the House (Reels)

Artist:    Paddy Keenan & Tommy Sullivan

Album:   The Long Grazing Acre

Year:     2003



Track:    The Flags Of Dublin / Ger Quigley's / Fred's Favourite

Artist:    FourWinds

Album:   FourWinds

Year:     2015



Track:    The King of Rome

Artist:    The Jeremiahs

Album:   The Jeremiahs

Year:     2014



Track:    Taoist Tale (feat. Lizabett Russo)

Artist:    Tim Edey

Album:   How Do You Know?

Year:     2016