100. 24th February, 2018 (part one)

Hi Folks,

You’re very welcome along this, the first part of the 100th show from Black Dog Radio.

This week we feature our album of the week which comes from Michael McGoldrick and is entitled “Arc”, as ever Mike pulls in great players to join him on the album and it is another gem from the master!

You’ll also hear great tunes from Cathal Hayden, Elephant SessionsJohn McSherry MusicMec LirRoss Ainslie and Ali HuttonRoss Couper and Tom OakesSketchThe Chair and Mórga.

The show also features songs from AvocetDàimhWindborne and plucked from “the shelf alongside The Bay City Rollers and Haggis involving things from Scotland that I (Keith, KC) wants nothing to do with”, the one and only Findlay Napier or “Gordon Gekko trapped in the body of Hamish Imlach” as he could now be described. Keith….you’re a bit of a knob!

Thanks as always for your support, without you folks it wouldn't be worth doing!

We hope you enjoy the tunes,


Andy (&Bob)



Track:    Eiggbound

Artist:    Sketch

Album:   Shed Life

Year:     2012


Track:    The Rambles of Kitty

Artist:    John McSherry

Album:   Soma

Year:     2010


Track:    The Soaring Eagle, Plecky the Turtle

Artist:    Michael McGoldrick

Album:    Arc

Year:      2018


Track:    Glasgow

Artist:    Findlay Napier

Album:   Glasgow

Year:     2017


Track:    The Jigs

Artist:    The Chair

Album:   Huinka

Year:     2008


Track:    Cathcart

Artist:    Ross Couper & Tom Oakes

Album:   Fiddle & Guitar

Year:     2017               


Track:    Fran's

Artist:    Elephant Sessions

Album:   All We Have Is Now

Year:     2017


Track:    Wassalou River, Tambin Jig

Artist:    Michael McGoldrick

Album:   Arc

Year:     2018


Track:     Causeway

Artist:    Avocet

Album: -

Year:     2018


Track:    Siud Agaibh an Deoch a Dh'Òlainn

Artist:    Dàimh

Album:   Tuneship

Year:     2013


Track:    Chase the Ace

Artist:    Mec Lir

Album:   Chase the Ace - Single

Year:     2016


Track:    The Floating Crowbar (The DonegalLlass, The Coolea Jig, The Floating Crowbar, Gladstone)

Artist:    Cathal Hayden

Album:   Hooked On Banjo

Year:     2016


Track:    Miss Catherine McGoldrick's Jig, Miss, Mairead Hussey's Jig, Miss Ciara McGoldrick's Jig

Artist:    Michael McGoldrick

Album:   Arc

Year:     2017


Track:    Pongu (Chris Grace's Joy, Mairi's Tune)

Artist:    Ross & Ali

Album:   Symbiosis

Year:     2016


Track:    The Ogham Stone, Towey the Thatcher, The Big Fort

Artist:    Michael McGoldrick

Album:   Arc

Year:     2018


Track:    Song of the Lower Classes

Artist:    Windborne

Album:   Song on the Times

Year:     2017


Track:    Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Air) / Garry Owen [March] / Connie the Soldier [Jig] / Dever the Dancer [Slip Jig]

Artist:    Mórga

Album:   For the Sake of Auld Decency

Year:     2013